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Microsoft Project…Oh how I missed you

Working from home can be a lonely experience at times, the lack of human interaction, no water cooler chats, just endless conference calls.  And more than once my wife has accused me of acting like an excited puppy welcoming its … Continue reading

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Optical illusion – The devil is in the detail

Look at this picture what do you see? Spirals? How many different coloured spirals? Make a note of that and read on.   I would like to associate that spiral picture to a common theme I have observed when it … Continue reading

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virtual teams (when being a host is not enough)

Have you ever found yourself in this situation… You are all set up in a meeting, you need to give an important update on a project, and gather some important feedback from the stakeholders in the room, you know the … Continue reading

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Are you thinking of getting your PRINCE2 foundation and practitioner accreditations?

The title of a ‘Project Manager’ is one of those that anyone can claim they do, but realistically, actually performing the role of a project manager is different from simply calling yourself one.  Whilst you are working at a company … Continue reading

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