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“Every Business Wants A Strong Project Manager…Until They Get One.”

Andrew Budkiewicz PMP

About the PMGU

Hello and welcome to the Project Manager’s Guide to the Universe (PMGU). I am one of those people that is fortunate enough to say that they have found a vocation that they truly feel passionate about.  And for me that passion is project management. I tend to think that project management is very misunderstood in the business world and in some cases even by people that call themselves project managers. Although, there is a technical side to project management, I feel it is the soft skills part or the ‘Art’ of project management that is the key for successful project delivery. The art combined with a discipline, integrity, and customer focus. My intent for this blog is to encourage knowledge sharing and experiences between myself and those people visiting this blog.

I am an experienced and successful project manager that learnt my trade at a Fortune 500 blue chip pharmaceutical company (Eli Lilly) over a 10 year period.  Delivering application and infrastructure solutions across multiple areas of the business, on a global scale, with many of those project teams being ‘virtual’ teams including many vendors. Then I spent 7 years involved in Cloud technology (Veeva Systems).  Delivering cutting edge CRM solutions to the Life sciences sector.   Currently, I am head of Delivery at a Marketing services agency (Loop Horizon), leading a team of project managers and providing project management and product management expertise to clients.

All seriousness aside I do like to cast a critical eye on project management and through my dry sense of humour.  I hope you enjoy some of the postings and I encourage you to respond with your comments.

Andrew Budkiewicz PMP

PMGU blogger