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“Every Business Wants A Strong Project Manager…Until They Get One.”

Andrew Budkiewicz PMP

Can the ipod be an indicator for a project’s state of health?

As a project manager there are different reports and tools that I can use to assess the health of a project, Earned value, schedule/cost variances, fever charts.  All those are fairly well known in project management circles, but there are lesser known techniques as well. 

 Have you considered your ipod as a project health indicator?

Hear me out (no pun intended!), it is common now to see people working at their desks listening to their ipods, and people often play music that reflects their current state of mind.  Therefore, I suggest that if you want to know what your subconscious take on a project’s health then simply look at the playlist song titles or check your top 25 most played tracks, you may be surprised.

 Songs you play on your ipod that could indicate an unhealthy project

  • Fool if you think its over – Chris Rea
  • The road to nowhere – Talking heads
  • Another one bites the dust – Queen
  • Loser – Beck
  • Highway to Hell – ACDC

Songs you play on your ipod that could indicate a healthy project

  • Simply the best – Tina turner
  • My way – Frank Sinatra
  • We are the champions – Queen
  • Perfect Day – Lou reed
  • Lust for Life – Iggy pop


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