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“Every Business Wants A Strong Project Manager…Until They Get One.”

Andrew Budkiewicz PMP

Expectations of thinking different

 you can’t solve a problem using the same kind of thinking that created it

Albert Einstein

 I recently attended a training course entitled “Poetry In Business” which formed part of a series of courses offered by the company I worked for as an initiative to promote innovation.  That’s right, I said poetry in business.  I was intrigued by the title and after a little investigation found out that the course is more about creative thinking in the workplace, or as the training company’s website puts it:

 “Why Poetry?  Because poetry uniquely combines structured thinking with creativity, and it is this combination that elevates senior executives to high-achieving, high-performance teams

 As part of the course information they supplied a poem that formed part of Apple Computers 1997 advertising campaign ‘Think different’

 Think different


“Here’s to the crazy ones
The misfits
The rebels
The troublemakers
The round pegs in the square holes
The ones who see things differently
They’re not fond of rules
and they have no respect for the status quo
You can quote them
disagree with them
glorify and vilify them
About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them
because they change things
They push the human race forward
And while some may see them as crazy
we see genius
Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world
are the ones who do”

I think this type of course is very useful in a project setting as a Project Manager is often required to show creativity in successfully delivering a project.

Over the next couple of posts I will provide a review of the training course and share a couple of the business related poems that I liked


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